About Bangbelly Café

Bangbelly Café opened its doors in July 2018, and quickly established itself as one of Fogo Island’s favourite spots for specialty coffee and casual eats.

Conceived by co-owners Ian Sheridan and Caitlyn Terry, Bangbelly uses modern culinary ideas to re-envision traditional Fogo Island fare.

Bangbelly is a home-away-from-home, and a place for community. Its mission is to provide a space where everyone – from life-long Fogo Islanders, to short-term visitors- feel welcomed and embraced.

The menu emphasizes ethically-sourced coffee, locally-sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly and socially responsible options.

About the Owners

Ian Sheridan, Co-Owner + Executive Chef

Ian is a formally trained chef, and a former Sous Chef at Fogo Island Inn. His excitement for food shines through in every dish he makes, and he loves nothing more than sharing this talent.

His food philosophy is simple. Source as ethically as possible, as close to home as possible, and create dishes that are as playful as they are thoughtful. No fuss, no muss and certainly no foams.

Caitlyn Terry, Co-Owner + Jack of All Trades

Caitlyn’s background speaks to her diverse interests and passion for exploration and new challenges.

She is a painter, and world traveller. She also holds a BFA in Fine Arts, and is trained at the Masters level in Art Psychotherapy.

With a strong business and marketing background, Caitlyn brings her life skills, love of coffee, and entrepreneurial spirit to the collaboration that is Bangbelly.