Where’s the Merch?

As with all of our products, we are careful to source our Bangbelly merchandise from responsible manufacturers who guarantee safe working environments, fair wages, and environmental responsibility.

So far, the response to our small line of Bangbelly products has been extremely positive, and it is with careful consideration that we wish to expand our offerings.

From our enamel mugs to our organic cotton tote bags, we are constantly on the lookout for new, useful products so that you can take a piece of Bangbelly home with you.

As we prepare for the 2020 season, we are collecting your thoughts and feedback. One thing we’d love to know is whether there is a product you’d like to see on our shelves, or a company you think we should be working with.

Have an idea for more fabulous merch? Drop us a line at hello@bangbelly.com

The Key to Success? Picking the Right Partner

If you have visited Bangbelly before you’re likely to remember that we pride ourselves on our sourcing and procurement practices. When choosing a product or vendor, the most impactful aspect of our decision-making has to do with the quality and ethics of our partners’ products. Naturally, we do what we can to source as closely to home as possible, keeping in mind that distance = carbon.

One small exception to this rule, or rather the exception that proves the rule, is our use of De Mello Palheta coffee, based in Toronto. It’s true; there are many fantastic roasters situated in Newfoundland, and Gros Morne is one that we proudly support (more on that in a minute); however, De Mello stands out for us due to its careful and thoughtful relationships with coffee producers. Moreover, while we actively attempt to limit our carbon footprint, the very nature of coffee production means that our favorite fruit (yes! fruit) will have travelled a long distance to us, regardless of where it is roasted.

De Mello ensures that a basic minimum price is paid to its farmers that is at least 20% above local demand, while maintaining ongoing relationships that help to guarantee an amount of economic security for producers. As a part of their Purchasing Philosophy, De Mello understands the importance of transparency, and is focused on telling the stories of their producers “with accuracy and equality.”

Our Gros Morne coffee, which – you guessed it – is roasted in Gros Morne, is yet another example of a company that leads with its ethics. Roasted in small batches, Gros Morne uses only fairly-traded, organic beans, from a variety of regions.

Ok, you caught us: Pluck Tea is another Toronto-based company that we proudly support, and yes, this means their product must be shipped to us; but, we believe the travel is worth it, because of the quality of their thoughtfully sourced, whole leaf teas and infusions. Pluck’s tea blends “feature ingredients grown on local farms and procured from local artisan makers” which helps to create “new, non-traditional rural economies.” Pluck’s use of Canadian-grown ingredients and sustainably-sourced teas translates directly into a ‘cuppa’ we can stand behind.

During the summer months, much of our fresh produce comes from Campbellton Berry Farm, located on the Northeast coast of Newfoundland. Self described as an ‘urban farm,’ Campbellton grows a variety of berries and other produce – does anyone else fantasize about that perfect baby corn from late summer? Impressively, they have also received an Environmental Award for outstanding contributions to environmental sustainability.

If you are on Fogo Island, you may be familiar with Living Water Farm, a hydroponics operation that produces the most beautiful greens. This one is a real no-brainer for us, and a company we hope to see grow and flourish (puns intended). If you’re enjoying a salad at Bangbelly, chances are you are also enjoying the fruits of Living Water Farm’s labour.

Wondering about our meat? We are big fans of Nelson Fagan’s Meats located in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. Fagan Meats provides traditionally-raised organic products, and their ground beef is the backbone of our ‘Tip of the Iceburger.’

Because an impeccably brewed beer can complete the perfect meal, we choose to offer Port Rexton products. Situated between Clarenville and Bonavista, Port Rexton Brewing is a craft brewery producing some of Newfoundland’s best beer. Offering a variety of styles, their products are so popular we can hardly keep them in stock!

It should go without saying, but Bangbelly is Bangbelly largely due to the efforts and contributions of our partners. We are so fortunate to be working with such fantastic suppliers, and to be able to offer you the best-possible products. We encourage everyone to seek out these products independently, and to support local whenever possible.

If you know of any vendors or partners we should consider supporting, feel free to contact us at hello@bangbelly.com. As always, we greatly value your feedback and input!