Bangbelly at Home

We know. We know. We’re leaving you.

Well, at least we’re stepping away for a winter break, and you’re going to be without your Bangbelly fix for a spell. So, we thought we’d try to help you through with a tip or two.

Love our lattes, but lack the necessary equipment to make your own? You may be surprised to find out that there are a couple of clever workarounds you can use to approximate the textured milk that our fancy espresso machine can produce.

We’ll leave the espresso to you (and we’ll turn a blind eye if you need to use the instant kind in a pinch) and give you some ideas for creating the effect of steamed milk.

Our favourite alternative to a steam wand is a French Press. You heard that right. Simply warm your milk on the stovetop or in the microwave and pour it into a coffee press. Then, plunge the filter up and down multiple times until foam is produced (be careful not to be too vigorous, or else you may create a molten milk volcano).

If you find yourself without a coffee press, have no fear, because there is a method that MacGyver himself would approve of: The Mason Jar. Yes, the humble, multifunctional Mason Jar may be your gateway to textured milk. Just warm your milk however you see fit, pour it into a Mason Jar, secure the lid tightly and shake! Don’t forget that your jar will be hot – may we recommend oven mitts?

Just remember: Bangbelly cannot be held accountable for steamed milk-related accidents, or inferior coffee products; so, make sure to practice good safety, and stock up on good, high-quality beans during our hiatus.

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