Festive Lattes Are Here!

Some have suggested that it is far too early in the season to be feeling so festive, but here at Bangbelly we have four strong arguments to the contrary: Our quartet of brand-new Festive Lattes.

Our answer to Fall’s Pumpkin Spice comes in the form of these scrumptious treats, which are sure to put some pep(permint) in your step.

The Gingerbread Latte

Just as the name suggests, this spiced latte celebrates the best of holidays – cookies! Ginger, cinnamon, clove and allspice are steeped together to make our house syrup, which is then added to a double shot of espresso. With the milk of your choice steamed to a perfect consistency, we add generous cloud of whipped cream, and finish our concoction with a gingerbread crumble. We would suggest you forgo dessert in favour of this delight, but would never recommend something so foolhardy.

The Eggnog Latte

Yes, you heard that correctly. The recipe is straightforward – replace the usual milk with eggnog – however the results are anything but! With all of the custardy, rich flavour of your favourite holiday drink, this latte comes adorned with a heaping mound of whipped cream, and just a dash of nutmeg, to make it the perfect morning-time pick-me-up; or evening aperitif. Can’t imagine eggnog without the rum? We get it! And, as with all of our beverages, when dining in-house, you have the option of adding a dash of liquid courage.

The Peppermint Mocha

Mocha-lovers rejoice! We’ve put a twist on your go-to bevvie, which is sure to put you in the festive spirit. Made with the best quality Organic, Fair Trade cocoa and our ethically-sourced house espresso, this winter-warmer is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Mixed with mint syrup and adorned with, you guessed it, whipped cream, each Peppermint Mocha is finished with a fine dusting of candy cane powder.

Insider Tip: For those of you who prefer to skip the coffee, we are pleased to offer a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, prepared in much the same fashion, but without the espresso.

The Salted Caramel

Salt and caramel: A match made in heaven, right? While this divine delight has been added to our menu for the holidays, it is a strong contender for a permanent place on our roster. The balance between sweet and savoury is one we love to play with, and this latte is proof of concept. Our house-made caramel syrup forms the foundation of this drink, and marries beautifully with the creamy, textured milk of a latte. Again, capped off with whipped cream, we finish this perfectly composed beverage with a caramel drizzle, and a small pinch of sea salt.

Having trouble deciding which latte to try? Have no fear, because when you use our Customer Loyalty Card, your tenth (non-alcoholic) beverage is always on us. So, double-up, treat your friend, neighbour, that guy you met once at that thing, and delight in the holiday season.

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