Bean Juice: The Elixir of Life

Is it too much to suggest that coffee makes the world go ‘round? Because we’re fairly sure that without it, we’d be lost.

To us, extracting the perfect espresso is one-part science, one-part art.

Our espresso of choice is De Mello Palheta’s Dancing Goats. Ethically produced in the Serras de Minas micro-region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Dancing Goats boasts balanced flavours of vanilla, milk chocolate and dark cherry.

Simply acquiring the right espresso is only half the battle; extraction is, in large part, what makes or breaks a good coffee. Ever had an especially bitter espresso drink and thought to yourself ‘espresso must not be for me’? We beg to differ. A well prepared espresso should not leave you desperate for a palate cleanser; in fact, the right one can be both complex and wholly satisfying.

Here at Bangbelly, we work directly with our roaster (De Mello) to create the perfect Cup of Joe. Roasted to the specifications of our espresso machine, precisely ground, timed and weighed, the consistency and quality of our espresso is something upon which we pride ourselves.

Curious to learn more about coffee extraction? We highly recommend Blue Bottle’s free coffee Brew Guides found here.

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