Where’s the Merch?

As with all of our products, we are careful to source our Bangbelly merchandise from responsible manufacturers who guarantee safe working environments, fair wages, and environmental responsibility.

So far, the response to our small line of Bangbelly products has been extremely positive, and it is with careful consideration that we wish to expand our offerings.

From our enamel mugs to our organic cotton tote bags, we are constantly on the lookout for new, useful products so that you can take a piece of Bangbelly home with you.

As we prepare for the 2020 season, we are collecting your thoughts and feedback. One thing we’d love to know is whether there is a product you’d like to see on our shelves, or a company you think we should be working with.

Have an idea for more fabulous merch? Drop us a line at hello@bangbelly.com

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