Two Heads are Better than One

We believe in the magic of collaboration. Team work can inspire out-of-the-box-thinking, and greater innovation. It can lead to unexpected and exciting results, and most importantly it can help to broaden one’s perspective.

It is clear to us that your ideas and feedback can only serve to make us better. As always, we are keen to deliver you the best possible service. We believe your ideas and reflections are the pathway to improvement, which is why we want to hear from you!

Have a thought for an event that might work well? Maybe there’s a movie you’d love for us to screen at the café. Perhaps you’ve thought of a menu item you just know people will love. We humbly invite you to send an email to and thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.

Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated because we know we don’t have all the answers and we certainly can’t read minds (as hard as we may try).

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!

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*Available 1 month in advance


Reservations are available one month in advance

Bookings will be held for 15 minutes

To book parties 6+ (including children) please call 709.266.2020

Your table will be reserved for 1.5 hours for parties of up to 4 people; and 2 hours for parties of 5+