Bergs & Burgers: Spring Time on Fogo Island

Here on Fogo Island, Spring is one of our favorite times of year. Not only can we get the dust off our barbecues after a long winter, we can also look forward to iceberg season once more!

Each year from May until July, Fogo Island serves as the perfect lookout for the thousands of icebergs that make their way down from western Greenland. Icebergs, for those unfamiliar, are fragments of 10,000-year-old glaciers that fall into the sea each year. After being detached from their glacier, these behemoths float around until they pass through the Davis Strait and are swept into the Labrador Current, carrying them straight south down Iceberg Alley.

In honour of our frozen visitors and grilling season alike, we have created a delicious new menu item for Spring: The ‘Tip of the Iceburger.’

Made with Newfoundland beef, white onions, bacon crumb, burger sauce, pickles, sweet grainy mustard, and served on a house-made sesame bun, our burger is the perfect compliment to your iceberg adventures.

The ‘Tip of the Iceburger’ is one of the many new items we are offering this Spring as part of our new menu, which can be viewed here.

So, why not celebrate the arrival of spring by dropping in to test out our new burg, then keep your eyes peeled for the 10,000 bergs that pass by Fogo Island each year.

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