Update: Delayed Opening in Response to COVID-19

Dear Bangbelly Family, 

We are writing today with a message regarding our ongoing response to COVID-19 and our responsibility to you as valued guests and patrons.

Many of you know that we intended to re-open our doors for the season in mid-March. It is with careful consideration that we have decided to extend our closure, to reflect recommended health protocols during this time of global challenge. 

We are taking this measure with the well-being of our community, and the world at large, in mind. Together we can flatten the curve

Our anticipated re-opening is now scheduled for Thursday April 2, 2020; pending further developments

We will also be operating as a cashless business until further notice

In the meantime, we will be practicing self-isolation, and social-distancing, while we refine and perfect our menus and dream up new ways of conducting business. 

Upon re-opening, we ask that our patrons return the favour by practicing self-isolation if necessary, in consideration of our community.

For your safety and comfort we will be monitoring the health and well-being of our staff, and commit to providing them additional support should it be required for them to forgo work.

Further to this, we will be conducting additional sanitization practices on top of our daily cleaning routines. And, while it should go without saying, we will continue to practice thorough and regular hand washing and sanitizing.

Before we wrap up, we have one small request: Please do whatever you can to support your local restaurants and small businesses. 

At Bangbelly, we are fortunate enough to be able to afford some flexibility, and while this temporary slow-down is irksome and concerning, we believe in our ability to rebound. We know we will be okay.

We ask that you join us in solidarity with our fellow small business owners and show your support by purchasing merch, gift cards, and necessities from your Mom-and-Pops wherever possible. Don’t forget to tip well too! Many small businesses, especially those in the restaurant industry, operate on razor-thin margins and your ongoing support can mean all the difference. 

If you, like us, are feeling a bit powerless in this climate of self-preservation and resource-hoarding may we recommend a donation to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund? We’re fairly confident that your contribution will make you feel better about humanity, and it will have a positive and important impact on those without the same access to health care or prepared health systems.

As always, we cannot thank you enough for your endorsement and patronage. Wishing you all a happy, healthy March Month.

See you as soon as possible!

Your friends at Bangbelly

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