What Would You Like to Drink With That?

A Guide for Drink Pairings with Our Menu

For the indecisive and the food-motivated alike, the age-old question of what to order when dining out can present a real conundrum indeed. Choices abound!

Having overcome the hurdle of what to eat, one is still left with a remnant of the same question: which drink will best compliment my choice?.

While many are well versed in this selection process, some of you (like us) appreciate a little nudge in the right direction. So, we thought we’d reveal some of our favourite beverage pairings to spark your imagination and whet your appetite (nay, thirst!).  

The Egg Sammie

It’s breakfast, or perhaps its 3PM, and what you need right now is the Eggstra Special Sammie. So, what goes best with breakfast? Coffee (duh). Our De Mello ‘Dancing Goats’ coffee is the perfect roast, with notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and dark cherry. This Brazilian brew can be transformed into an array of espresso beverages to compliment your egg in a bun; from the purist’s Americano to the comfort-seeker’s latte . You can also keep it classic by ordering a fresh mug of perfectly brewed Gros Morne coffee, roasted right here in Newfoundland.

Cod au Gratin

The beloved codfish is both flaky and mild and, as far as we are concerned, makes for a delicious addition to any dish. Our cod au gratin, made up of delectable chunks of North Atlantic cod, hearty seasonal vegetables, and topped with melted cheddar cheese, is the stick-to-your-ribs kind of dish that will keep you going all day. For those days when you are able to linger, we recommend pairing your cod with a fresh, rich glass of Long Barn Chardonnay. With balanced aromas of pear, vanilla and toasted oak this Napa Valley wine is perfectly suited to the creamy, mild flavours of our ‘Cod Only Knows.’

Beet Salad

Our house salad, ‘You Make My Heart Skip a Beet’, celebrates the earthy, sweet flavour of the humble beet. Served on a bed of fresh greens, with house-made croutons, pumpkin seeds, and feta this salad is a meal onto itself. To pair, we suggest  you try our Pinot Noir of choice: Mirrasou. This Californian varietal boasts fresh fruit flavors of pomegranate, cherry and currant, making it a delightful compliment to the light, yet robust flavours of our salad.

If you are a beer lover, another uncontestable option is Port Rexton Brewing’s ‘Queer Feeling’, a Kveik Farmhouse Ale. The old yeast strands used in this beer highlight bring about the earthiness of the beer itself, while highlighting and deepening the flavour profile of our satisfying salad.


Around these parts, chowder is a true menu staple. Our delicately balanced broth is the velvety base into which we add hearty root vegetables and sumptuous seafood. For the perfect compliment to our ‘Chowdah This World’ you needn’t look further than our select Sauvignon Blanc, Ava Grace. With fresh aromas, balanced acidity and a refined finish, our wine of choice brings complexity to your plate, and your palate. For a perfect beer to couple with your chowder,  we recommend Quidi Vidi’s Iceberg, a classic lager that boasts a crisp, clean finish.


The pinnacle of our menu, our ‘Tip of the Iceburger’ is one of the dishes for which we are best known.  This towering entree is made with 100% Newfoundland beef, full strips of bacon, classic cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, caramelized onion, burger sauce, and a sweet grainy mustard, all sandwiched between a house-made bun. Wine enthusiasts will agree that a robust choice, such as our favourite Cabernet Sauvignon, Carnivor, will act as the ideal accoutrement. After all, red meat and red wine just go hand in hand. On the beer side of things, we recommend something with bold flavour and bitterness to stand up to the exuberant flavours of our burger. Both Port Rexton’s Chasing Sun NEIPA and sans alcohol, we suggest trying our house-made Italian sodas, especially our Cola flavour, because who doesn’t like a sweet bubbly beverage with a beefy burger?

Port Rexton Brewing’s Queer Feeling Kveik Farmhouse Ale (Left) and Chasing Sun NEIPA (right)

Interested in some more clever pairings? On November 30, Bangbelly is hosting a very special Thai supper, consisting of a four-course chef’s menu and an optional wine or beer pairing to highlight each course.

Reservations are required for this event, and at just $35 a seating ($55 if you would like to indulge in pairings), this supper is sure to tantalite your taste buds. E-mail manager@bangbelly.com or call us at 266.2020 to inquire about a table.

To view our special Thai menu, head over to the What’s Happening section of our site.

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